New Blog!

So I've finally gotten myself a new blog, and so my good ol' Livejournal one is gonna be put to rest. Click the image to go check out the new blog.

New Blog!

I tried adding a RSS feed for Livejournal, but LJ is being stubborn and giving me error messages. So if I ever that that figured out, I'll update this journal with the info.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who took the time to read and comment on this journal. Now go do that at the new one! ;)

Amaree & Erik

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous wedding at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills with the always amazing Sarah K. Chen.

While Sarah started with the girls (and you can check out Sarah's photos of the wedding at her Blog), I was with the boys and shooting them as they got ready.

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Nita // Portrait Session

A few days ago, I did some headshots for my very talented and beautiful best friend and I gotta say, the camera loves her. I got dozens and dozens of gorgeous shots but here are my two favorites from the shoot.


V for Victory!

Guess who got herself a shiny Bachelor's Degree?

Well, technically I haven't received the diploma yet, but on May 16th I graduated from USC with the class of 2008. Yay, me! :)

I remember very distinctly, the very first time I flashed the USC "V for Victory" sign. It was at my first football game and I tentatively raised my hand with a meek like V sign as thousands of students decked out in cardinal and gold did the same and hummed along to the fight song. I was a Freshman, I felt like a dork, I didn't know what I was doing. But on graduation day, I felt pride at being able to hold my fingers up high along with all my fellow classmates. Very much proud to be a USC Trojan.

So what's up next for me? Gonna dive in photography and change things up a bit. Branding, website, everything is gonna be new! I have some photo shoots that I haven't blogged yet, so I'll be posting about those soon.

And if any other graduating students are looking for Grad photos, contact me at hannah@hannahsuh.com

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Here comes... the graduate!

I keep promising new photo updates for this blog and keep neglecting to do so, but I have a good reason for that! I'm entering into the final few weeks of school and it's just a frenzy of final papers, final performances, final events, final exams, etc.

I have lots of exciting things and updates planned for this blog, so stay tuned and be patient with me as I make a mad dash for the finish line.

Catching Up

Illness and a mountain of school work (and some other not-so-excusable distractions) has resulted in me being a very bad blogger. But rest assured, updates spilling over with new photos are on their way!

The beautiful and talented Kim Le has "tagged" me and who am I not to play along? ;)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
  • 10 years ago I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade. Yikes, it's crazy how time flies by. April... that's right around the time I was trying out for Orange Grove Middle School's cheerleading squad. Representin' the Orange and Green, y'all.

Things on my To Do list
  • Travel to Europe. Travel to New Zealand. Travel to Asia. Travel all over the place!

  • Take a hot air balloon ride. Go (in-door) skydiving. Climb into a gigantic plastic ball and roll down a great big hill (otherwise known as Zorbing)

  • Eat at the world renowned, French Laundry

  • Update Website and blog, much much more often!

  • Graduate from USC and become a full time photographer!

Bad Habits
  • I exercise by running a few miles a day, and then immediately after exercising, I can't help but to wolf down cakes, brownies, ice cream, anything sweet and sugary that's nearby! Talk about counter-productive.

  • I have extremely erratic sleeping schedules. Some days I'll have slept for 4 hours, other days 12 - it can't be healthy for me.

  • Road rage. But I live in LA, it's inevitable!

Places I have lived
  • LA County, my entire life. Started off in Los Angeles, moved to Hacienda Heights - the suburbs, the 626, eternally my "hometown" - and then moved back to South Central Los Angeles to attend USC.

Things Most People Don’t Know About Me
  • I have a great fondness for a wonderfully utilized curse word. It takes a certain kind of talent to use curse words skillfully, and I can admire and respect that - despite the crudeness of it.

  • I can never make up my mind about my favorite color. It changes month to month, day to day, even from one mood to another.

  • I ADORE tweezers! I think they're one of the most massively useful items in the world. I once used eyebrow tweezers to screw in a shaky bolt on my loft bed. Amazing.